RC Exhaust Extensions Jeep (Add-On)

RC Exhaust Extensions Jeep (Add-On)




Item: Rough Country's Exhaust Extensions - 1030

Description:Ready to lift your 2012 Jeep JK? Rough Country's JK Exhaust Extensions are a crucial component to lifting new model Wranglers 2-inches or more. These easy to install spacers are fitted between the head-pipe and cross-pipe flanges, effectively moving the exhaust rearward toward the crossmember. Standard, there is insufficient room between the front drive shaft and exhaust pipes, leaving an unextended exhaust to make contact with the drive shaft in downward suspension travel. These durable exhaust spacers are made of 2-inch cold rolled steel exhaust tubing, flared to nest perfectly within the flanges. By extending the cross-pipe, you gain more than twice the clearance in this crucial area allowing for proper installation of any lift of 2-inches or more. Reco-mmended to use in conjunction with an aftermarket front drive shaft for 4-6-inch kits to maintain optimum clearance and articulation.

Kit Contents: Driver and passenger side exhaust extensions and hardware.


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