BDS Single Fox Steering Stabilizer #98224018 (Add On)

BDS Single Fox Steering Stabilizer #98224018 (Add On)


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Note: This is an add on only item and cannot be purchased separately.

Description:  FOX 2.0 Performance Series Steering Stabilizer. This new stabilizer is designed for just that - specifically to be a stabilizer. These are made from the same base components as the 2.0 performance series shocks and properly valved and pressurized to be the ultimate stabilizer. The 50/50 valving and lower 50 psi nitrogen charge (compared to 200 psi in the 2.0 shocks) provide neutral dampening so they will not create a "pull" when installed in a single stabilizer setup. Fitted with the BDS/Fox logo sticker they are a perfect match to the BDS/Fox 2.0 shocks and a huge performance upgrade from a standard steering stabilizer.


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